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5 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

1. Forgive yourself

Let's face it, we aren't perfect. We don't need to be. That workout didn't happen yesterday. I ate that pint of Rocky Road last night. I had that glass of wine. We didn't get that proposal written for work, or the load of laundry sat in the washer for a day. Take a moment and say, "It's okay." We all get so wound up in the minutia that we forget to live. Say it's alright and move on. Love yourself enough to forgive the little things, because in the long run, they are little things.

2. Take it One Task at a Time

There are times when we are overwhelmed and the idea of getting through to the next day seems impossible. When these days happen to me, I sit down and write a list of everything that is important. I then rank them in importance and give myself a timeline to complete these tasks. The feeling of checking off each task, is a feeling of accomplishment. Who cares if one of the tasks is getting your dry cleaning from the cleaners, you did it. Celebrate the fact that you made it and are moving towards accomplishing your goals. Love yourself enough to give yourself time and direction to get what needs to be done.

3. Love your Body

Yeah, yeah, we women hear this all the time. The men who love you, love you... mind, body, soul. We women focus so hard on the body part, we sometimes forget that our mind and soul are also an integral part. Men, we know you can also get down on yourselves. We hear it in your groans trying to put on pants, or stepping on the scale. Guess what, the women who love you, don't care. Just like you want us to be healthy, we want the same. If you're healthy and there's a love handle.. well, you've given your loves something to hold on to in those special moments. Love yourself enough to be able to look in the mirror and celebrate the Diva/Dude you are.

4. Ask for Help

Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do. I will admit that I struggle with asking for help. I say this because I was so independent and felt for so long I didn't have the support. I would muddle through and get it done myself. There are times when this isn't digging a ditch in the backyard, or painting the inside of the house. There are times when we need emotional help. If I can charge you to do anything for yourself, find emotional support. Whether it's one of your partners, metamours, friends, or even an relationship adviser, find someone you feel comfortable asking for emotional support and USE IT! Love yourself enough to lean on others when needed.

5. Give yourself "Mental Health" days

We do need to "check out" every now and then. Loving ourselves also means that we understand when we have reached our limits, physically and emotionally. We have to step away from the riggers of life in order to recharge. When we reach that point, call in "sick and stay in your PJ's all day. Binge some TV shows or movie series, take a walk, or tend your garden. Do something that brings you joy. If you can convince your partner(s) to stay home as well, create that needed love connection. Give your relationship a boost because we all know that living life can get in the way of loving life. Love yourself enough to carve out time to do what you want, even if that means you're not going to do anything that day.




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